9th of May- Let’s get to know Europe!

11-grader Tsvetina Georgieva from Private English Language Secondary School “Chelopech” in Chelopech covers the celebration of the Day of the European Union – 9th of May, at her school. Find out what the students organized in order to commemorate the day.


9th of May is not only the Victory Day that marks the end of the Second World War, but also the Day of Europe. Officially accepted and acknowledged as the Day of the European Union, 9th of May is dedicated to the peace and unification of Europe and is celebrated in most of the members and candidate members of the European Union.


For a third successive year the students from Private English Language Secondary School “Chelopech” commemorate this amazing day for the European citizens. The club of the youth ambassadors, under the guidance of Mrs. Dimitrinka Arnaudova, organized a befitting celebration of the day. The students from the tenth and the eleventh grades prepared interesting, funny, educational and interactive stalls which were based on different games so that they acquaint the other students from the secondary school with the peculiarities, culture, capitals, flags and traditional cuisine of the countries within the European Union. Another topic was the countries in the Euro zone and what the differences between the appearances of the euro for each of those countries are.


The celebration was inaugurated by an impressive speech of Mrs. Arnaudova who acquainted the audience with the significance and the history of the day; shared her pride of being part of the European community and expressed her thankfulness to the youth ambassadors and the attendees. Having finished the speech, Mrs. Arnaudova gave the opportunity to the tenth-graders to encounter their classmates and friends with some stunning facts about the European Union and its members that were not a household name. The students had prepared a quiz with the help of which they were, firstly,  to see how many things the attendees know about these facts by putting them in a whole new game,  and secondly to make the audience get to know Europe.


The results from the quiz were amazing and “everyone left the room with at least one newly acquainted thing” as the organizers of the event said. However, doubtlessly the most interesting part of the celebration was the stalls with a variety of games so that everyone could try their luck, enrich their knowledge and win some gifts. There were stalls which represented themes such as “The EU 28 members”, “Symbols of the European countries”, “Words in the different European languages”, “Puzzles of European monuments”, “The European capitals”, “The faces of the euro coins in the EU countries” and “Traditional cuisine” where you could find and try a dish for every country member of the European Union. “The stalls were places where you can both learn something new and show your own knowledge. This fact makes them even more appealing to me”, shared one of the participants in the games. “It is absolutely the best way to find out something you haven’t heard of before. It is much more effective than just listening to some boring presentations or lessons”, added another student.


The day was full of positive and unforgettable emotions, new skills and knowledge. Everyone had the time of their life and was pleased to have touched and felt the spirit of Europe. It became an event of a great success that would be remembered by everyone long time after it happened.