All You Need is Love

One of the youngest journalists at sCOOL Media – Beloslava Doneva, 6th grader at 128 SU “Albert Einstein”, Sofia – has written her second piece for our school media. It is about the meaning of love and tells the true story of a woman, devoted to taking care of others. You can read Beloslava’s first piece here.


Hello, It’s Beloslava Doneva from BMD. I have some great news for you – the last “end of world” prediction failed! It sounds like a miracle just before February 14th and we all are questioning ourselves “Does it mean that the planet loves us?”.


Well, we will never find the answer. And yet another question is very important right now: ‘What is love?’ Although million opinions will be heard, we don’t want regular definitions. We find it interesting, minutes before February 14th, to investigate the love between humans and animals.


Recently, we have noticed a woman taking care for a few homeless cats in the suburbs. We asked the neighbours and they told interesting stories about Filly Bluebird*. For more than a year now, Filly has helped other animal volunteers in a devoted manner. “So much love!”–the most repeated words people use to describe Filly’s behaviour. Love! All we talk about is love but what kind of love is this? Two days ago we spent a few hours with Filly and we found out that love is a lifelong journey for her.


“For as long as I can remember, I have loved animals”, Filly explained. She shares her life with a number of cats, dogs, fishes, bunnies and etc. What she loves most about the animals is the joy and happiness they show her. Filly told us that she couldn’t forget all the torrid nights she spent outside with her animal friends: summer sky full of stars, crickets sounds, light wind, smell of grass and dust… And above all – mutual trust and happiness of spending time together.


These memories seem distant but touched her heart so deeply that even now one can see her eyes filling up with tears… “And the more I miss that time, the more I realize that never in my life I receive such sincere love and devotion.”


Faithfulness, dedication, compassion, kept promises…. No trace of lie, desire for profit, betrayal, anger, hypocrisy. This is Filly’s definition of LOVE.


“For good or bad, I have received from animals what nobody is able to give me.”


Filly loves her home for all the living stuff there – her kids, cats and flowers. She spends time talking even to the flowers. Her deepest fear is to lose the bound with nature – the road to the most profound memories of her childhood.


So, love is all about trust, shared moments, happiness and faith. Does it sound familiar to you? It’s pretty much the same: what people always look for in their lives is love and it doesn’t matter who gives it…..


*The name is fictional