European Night of Museums 2019 in Vratsa

The European Night of Museums is a wonderful event that breathes life into the art galleries and museums all over Bulgaria. Sink into the atmosphere of this year’s event in Vratsa through the pen and camera of Nikol Tsvetanova, 12th grade student at Joan Ekzarh Specialized Language School in Vratsa.


Vratsa Regional Historical Museum took part in the annual event European Night of Museums, which was held on 18 May at 4 pm and continued until midnight. During the occasion a group of volunteers had the mission to show the guests all the halls and the artefacts in the museum. In this way the visitors had the opportunity to learn the history of Vratsa and the region – free of charge.


The program included a variety of activities targeting not only the youngest visitors, but also the more elderly. It was separated on several conceptual parts, each of which was about games and workshops, fashion reviews, ateliers and exhibitions. Later that day the guests could attend music concerts and movie adventures, which were situated in different halls of the museum.


“Our goal on this day every year is to create and show something new and unusual which is linked to the museum activities, but it is also close to the audience,” said Doroteya Vladova, tourist guide in the museum. “With all these games and entertainments we want to show that the museums are not just old buildings that preserve objects from the past. We want to show that the museums can be modern places from which you can learn a lot of things, while having fun at the same time,” she said.


Ms Vladova added that this year people would be able to enjoy rare exhibitions and halls that are specially opened for The Night of Museums. The visitors also had the opportunity to wear traditional clothes from The Middle Ages, to touch popular antiques and to take pictures with them.


One of the most attractive and interesting moments of the European Night of Museums in Vratsa this year were the games for children. For a couple of hours every child could make their own amulet, become an archeologist by collecting symbols and explore the area or take part in the art workshop “Detail of the museum” where everyone could recreate their favorite hall of the building.


The fashion and art workshops also entertained visitors by presenting their incredible works from different pieces of art. In the little hall of Art gallery “Ivan Funev” was introduced a fashion review of the young designer from Vratsa – Polin Aleksandrova who presented her modern and retro style clothes. In the museum’s lobby there were art exhibits of hand-made accessories and flower buckets, which contributed to the visitors’ positive mood.


Till the end of the event DJ Babs took care of the serene and relaxed atmosphere by playing famous jazz, funk and soul music hits. “Harizma” DanceSport club and the modern ballets “Sky” and “Viva” later joined him. The evening finished with the screening of the adventure movie “National Treasure” which put an end to this year’s edition of European Night of Museums.