April’s topic: How could we save the planet

Travelling 64 hours by train instead of two and a half hours by plane. Sleeping in a tent at minus 15 degrees instead of at a hotel. Protesting every Friday in front of the parliament instead of attending school. All of these in the name of one cause – to protect the planet and put pressure for measures against climate change.


This is the life of 16-years-old Greta Thunberg from Sweden. Since last summer she has been insisting on politicians to address the risks of climate change and take action to reduce emissions.


“I want you to panic. I want you to act as if the house was on fire, because it is”, Greta calls.


Her actions and words have inspired thousands of people around the world. Students march in climate protests in various cities over the last few months. The movement #FridaysForFuture was born, bringing together young people from all around the world. Even in Bulgaria students protested on March, 15 in front of Sofia municipality.


This month we challenge you to dive in the climate change topic and explore it from all sides.


  • Talk to climate experts,
  • nonprofit activists,
  • environmental officials,
  • your classmates, teachers and other adults who have an opinion on the subject and have changed their habits in order to protect the environment.


Maybe some of them don’t use plastic cups any more. Other recycle. Yet other motivate their neighbors to clean around the house or try to commute. You could contacts the leaders of the student protests in other countries and talk to them how they organize the strikes.


Send us your materials in the medium you choose – video, interview, article, photo report, etc. Cover events, talk to as many people as possible, think about solutions to the problems. Think about a photo or an illustration which we can run along with your story and check out its copyrights before you send it to us.   


We expect your interview, news stories and features on the topic of “How could we save the planet?” by the end of April at our editorial email address: editor@scoolmedia.com. Don’t wait for the deadline – send us your materials as soon as they are ready, so that we get to edit and publish the best of them quickly. And give prizes to their authors, of course.


This month we also have a special prize from WWF Bulgaria for those of you who send us materials on protection of wildlife, forests or rivers in Bulgaria. Be sure to include all points of view!


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