The End of the World is Here

Beloslava is one of the youngest journalists at sCOOL Media. She is in 6th grade at 128 SU “Albert Einstein” in Sofia with English teacher Desislava Ognyanova. Media literacy is an important topic at the school and this is evident in Beloslava’s story. It impressed us with its detailed description of the event, the given scientific data and the outstanding written English.


By Beloslava Doneva, 6th grade
128 SU “Albert Einstein”


Hello. This is Beloslava Doneva from BMD live from Turtle Beach – East Coast, South Bulgaria. For five days now a couple of tsunami waves have turned the most beautiful beach of Bulgaria into a cemetery of waste. One can see tons of plastic packages, glass bottles, cans, tires, clothes and all types of human rubbish spread over the sand and far away behind it. Moreover, the rushing mass of water caused massive devastation and loss of life when it stroked land.

Lots of buildings are demolished by giant breaking waves. The construction waste and rubbish totally blocked the streets. A lot of cars, trucks and buses were rolled over and power poles with torn wires were pulled out of the ground.

Many people were evacuated. Unfortunately, hundreds and more stayed here forever – dead. The corpses are on the sand, streets, pavements, hills – one can feel all these human beings’ panic and fear during the fatal seconds of the disaster. The scene here reminds somehow of Pompeii landscape.

The water had forced thousands of rats and mice to leave their holes and now they wander among the ruins. The Health Authorities issued 2 official warnings for high level of infection danger. Don’t forget that you are not allowed to come closer than a mile from here; in case you want to be a volunteer, you have to wear a special costume and get in through one of the checkpoints 1, 2 or 3. Checkpoint 4 is available only for government service authority.

There are many hungry homeless dogs and wild animals in the disaster area. For that reason, patrols are guarding both the area and volunteer squads. Nevertheless, walking outside at night is strictly forbidden. A crisis centre on a national level coordinates the emergency measures. Patrols and squads are directly subordinated to the local crises staff. The authorities warn: for all kind of information you should contact the national crisis centre.

Currently the weather is getting even worse. There are stormy winds which cause big waves and heavy rains. Moreover, the sea level rises 5 cm per day. The waste “mountains” increase in size due to the approach of ocean debris – shipwrecked boats, yachts and ships. It looks as if the sea returned all the “gifts” that humans had thrown in the deep.

For the first time since modern technologies we can’t predict the weather forecast. Will the sea level stop rising? Will the stormy winds stop? Where will all this waste go? We can’t answer. It seems that the end of the world is not a fiction anymore.

The most important thing now is the emergency evacuation. The crisis center recommends people to leave the lowlands of the countries and find a shelter in places with altitude higher than 500 meters above sea level. They must bring documents, food, clean water, warm clothes, tents, blankets and the necessary medicine. There is an appeal to help people with disabilities and health problems.

For more information visit the government website: and/or listen to the national radio station broadcast. We’ll keep you informed. Don’t lose HOPE and listen to BMD 24-hour world and national news!