The End of the World: The Alternative Look

How does a working day look like in a newsroom, where the number of clicks are more valued than the objective information? And what effects does media manipulation have on the people? Check this out in the original video by Bozhidar and his team from the High school of mathematics “Dr. Peter Beron”, Varna. It impressed the editors of sCOOL Media at once with its wit, twist and efforts of the team behind it. The final conclusion tells us a lot about the media world today and the key role of information in our lives.

By Bozhidar Klouchek and his team (Magdalina Popova, July Manolova, Elitsa Vasileva, Vladimir Chavdarov)

From High school of mathematics “Dr. Peter Beron”, Varna


My name is Bozhidar Klouchek and I’m from Varna. I study at the High school of mathematics where I met my wonderful English teacher from the USA – Courtney Ibabao. I want to thank her because she told me about the project and I also want to thank my wonderful team that made this become a reality! I’ve always been passionate about journalism since I was a kid, I remember how other children wanted to be astronauts or firemen and I would always answer the question “What do you want to become?” by saying “a news reporter!”, even though I always got surprised looks, that never deterred me from having this dream. Now that I have more experience I can say that I’m passionate about many other things as well, but journalism will always have a place in my heart.