The Invasion of the Unknown Creatures

One of our prospective reporters’ favorite way to end the world in their stories was an alien invasion. And one of the best descriptions of this dreaded scenario came from the 9th-grader from Aleko Konstantinov Foreign Language School in Pravets Filip Merdjanov, who wrote a gripping diary of a man trying to survive the deadly invasion of the unknown creatures. Read it below:


Year/2243, 24th of November

It happened. The End of The World came and no one could stop it. How, you ask? In the most unusual way you can ever imagine. Aliens….Yup, you heard me well… Aliens….


Year/2243, 25th of November

At about 14:35 o’clock a very bright beam of light came from the sky over the city of New York. It was not just a normal sunbeam. It was released by a mysterious spaceship that came from another planet or maybe from another universe. How and what did they want from us? We didn’t know the answers, but we certainly knew that they were not coming to make new friends.


The spacecraft stood in the air motionless for about 30 minutes. We didn’t know what to do or how they were going to react when they saw us. While we were waiting to see what was going to happen, five more spaceships came from the sky without warning.


Year/2243, 30th of November

Five days passed and nothing happened. But… on the sixth day one of the ships landed right in front of the Statue of Liberty. After it landed the first attack took place. The Statue of Liberty was destroyed with a very powerful laser gun. After the first shot, another one followed and then a third. For two days half of the Earth was destroyed and we couldn’t communicate with each other. There was a strange device that was blocking every existing frequency and electronic waves on our Earth. We couldn’t use our mobile phones, smart TV’s, GPS’s, anything. I hid in the secret basement of my house to wait.


Year/2243, 5th of December

Another five days have passed since then and nothing has happened. In the morning I heard

people laughing. Why were they laughing? I wanted to know, so I went out of my secret basement and I was shocked to see the cause of the noise. Soldiers were in front of my house and they were talking with creatures from another planet. In this moment I realized that the army was the reason these aliens were here. They were cooperating with the soldiers and they just wanted our resources!


What would happen next? We didn’t know but we have to find out very soon if we want to survive….