The End

By Danislav Sotirov


8th grade, Aleko Konstantinov Foreign Language School, Pravets


Hi, my name is Arnold and I’m going to tell you all about the events that are happening. Over the last weeks many natural disasters happened and they are still occuring. Four days ago, a huge earthquake hit Japan and many of the small islands were flooded. The capital of Japan, Tokyo experienced an eco-catastrophe. The whole city looked and felt like hell. Meanwhile, in North America, people started buying food and other consumables from the shops. They barricaded their homes with everything they had- planks, furniture, vehicles- anything they could find. Others were evacuated and escorted to government bunkers. In Europe many countries were hit by intense tornados. Millions of houses were destroyed. Millions of people were homeless. Meanwhile, there were abnormalities in the temperature of countries around the world. In Russia, the temperature reached the record -100 degrees. Many people and animals didn’t make it as a result of these extreme changes in climate. Many types of animals became extinct. At the same time, scientists from NASA found that a giant meteor was heading towards the Earth. Army bases from across the world sent rockets to destroy the meteor and it was successful. Parts of the meteor fell on the Earth and scientists started experimenting. After many experiments they created the first gravity gun that used the crystal from the meteor pieces. At first citizens were not aware of the gravity gun and its power, but a scientist disclosed information about the gun to the media. He explained that this gun has the ability to move big objects like containers, cars, etc. But in the developing of the gun, other issues arose. A portal was opened between the Earth and an unknown planet. Aliens started coming through the portal to the Earth. The whole facility complex that had been the place for the experimentation was ruined by the aliens. The consequences were unbelievable. Soldiers came to silence the facility, but they failed. After their attempts, the special forces came to silence the scientists, soldiers and aliens. They failed too. In the end, a nuclear rocket destroyed the facility. The portal closed eventually, but the reason is unknown to the public. Few people escaped from the complex, so information is limited. One of the scientists was teleported to an unknown planet. Another scientist was teleported from the planet back to the Earth. The people who escaped told the world about the terror that day, however there is more investigating to do. Many people were thinking that the portal was still open, but they have been proved wrong in local investigations. The natural disasters are still happening and the answers that we have are limited. Everything that the government says serves as a barricade for themselves. The people of the world hope that this will come to an end.