The Nuclear Hell Came to Earth

Alexander is one of the youngest journalists at sCOOL Media. He is in 6th grade at 128 SU “Albert Einstein” in Sofia with English teacher Desislava Ognyanova. Media literacy is an important topic at the school and you this is evident in Alexander’s story. It impressed us with the structure, the quote from the Secretary-General and the live updates by the reporter. Check out the remarkable final words!


By Aleksandar Paskalev, 6th grade
128 SU “Albert Einstein”
Sofia, Bulgaria


There has been a nuclear strike at the very heart of Australia. The government remains silent about the country responsible for this devastating attack. However, one thing is sure – the indictments against the members of the world’s nuke club. “Sooner or later this was about to happen somewhere and it put in danger the existence of the human race and the Earth itself.” commented the UN Secretary-General who over the past few years constantly warned the nine nations with nuclear weapons to give up their arsenal and to secure our world.


All we know is that everyone is dead as a result of 1000 nukes that have been launched at the biggest city of Australia – Sydney. Our reporter Alex was broadcasting live near the place where an hour ago was Sydney.


“So, I’m in a helicopter over the place where Sydney used to be. What you can see from here is just a massive crack where the ocean water goes in. We have no idea, as the studio announced, about how deep is the crater and where the water goes. Recently, we’ve been informed that all of the oceans are moving towards this enormous opening leaving deserts behind. The Bering Sea near Alaska has disappeared for a few hours since the explosion and a sudden severe drop of temperature has been registered. The scientists are afraid of the worst scenario – a nuclear winter and a real possibility for an Ice Age back on Earth. The world leaders will meet tomorrow in Paris to find ways to cope with the crisis. It is not clear if there will be a solution for this A-bomb catastrophe but we still have our hopes for the future of humanity and the existence of our planet. We will keep you updated as new information comes in. Let’s go back to the studio with the latest analysis of the trending egg picture on the social media.”