“The Wonder Garden” in Dobrich that gives chance to people with disabilities

This is a wonderful story of a social enterprise set up in Dobrich which helps people with disabilities integrate into society. It has been told by Aleksandra Dralcheva, a 9th grader from the St. Kliment Ohridski High School of Arts in Dobrich. Get inspired!


There is a garden in Dobrich, a garden that is different from the others. It is, in fact, “wonderful”. “The Wonder Garden” is a project of the “Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker”. Foundation.The idea of this project is that people with intellectual disabilities get a job, feel appreciated, show that they are full members of the society and provide themselves with an additional income.


The original idea was constructing a greenhouse for production of seedlings. Today the idea has become a reality. “The Wonder Garden” has three greenhouses located on a plot of land, free of charge provided from the municipality.

With the help of two of the disabled boys, a greenhouse in area of 200 square meters was built without any additional help. Shunned by society, these boys proved that when you stand by them, they are capable of miracles. Standing by them… not in front of them.

The results they achieved are outstanding. There are 22 jobs created for persons with disabilities, 18 of whom are people with intellectual disabilities. As of December 2018, the total revenue they have generated from their work is 6421 lv.


The plans of the Foundation are to bring a lot more diversity in the garden – flowers, spices, salads, onions, fruit trees and cabbages.


The work in the garden flourishes during springtime, but gardeners can boast that they haven’t stopped working even in freezing cold winter days.  Thanks to the greenhouse, the first fresh onion production is ready. Part of the revenue from vegetable sales was used to purchase seedlings for 20 kinds of flowers.

But there are not only vegetables grown in the garden. There are also tolerance, acceptance of differences, kindness and love cultivated.


It is unfortunate that so little time and resources are devoted for the support of disabled people by society, which is huge debt to them.


These people are the white shallow birds of Dobrich and they have found their nest in the greenhouse, created by the “St. Nicholas the Wonderworker” Foundation.