March topic: What’s your problem?

That’s a commonly used phrase, isn’t it? You hear it from parents, teachers, friends and foes that are plotting ways to get you in trouble, even if you’re not seeking it. Now, it’s our turn – the sCOOL Media editors – to ask you the same: What are your problems?


You can tell us about the troubles that students witness in school or at home – violence and harassment are difficult topics to talk about, but this does not mean we should ignore them. Maybe you know someone who suffers from and is battling an eating disorder? Or a student who has undiagnosed Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD? Depression, the high expectations of parents and teachers hovering like a dark cloud over one’s head, uncertainty about what you want to do after you graduate, navigating the social environment – these are all legitimate potential topics that you can work on. Send us your materials in the medium you choose – video, interview, article, photo report, etc.


Of course, we hope that you tell these stories in an interesting and engaging manner and that they include other perspectives and sources – school psychologists, parents and doctors. Think about a photo or an illustration which we can run along with your story and check out its copyrights before you send it to us.   


We expect your interview, news stories and features on the topic of “What’s your problem?” by the end of March at our editorial email address: Don’t wait for the deadline – send us your materials as soon as they are ready, so that we get to edit and publish the best of them quickly. And give prizes to their authors, of course.


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Photo by Giftpundits