Back to (a better) school


    Time has quickly flown by and summer has drawn nearer and nearer to its end, and with it – the longest school holiday. Whoever made it to the sea or managed to take some rest has been lucky, but now, with 15th of September coming closer each day, everybody needs to get ready to enter the classrooms again.


    We, the editors of sCOOL Media, asked ourselves: What if students go back to their classrooms on the first school day just to find a place changed for the better where one could study with greater pleasure and enthusiasm? How would it look?


    That is exactly why we ask you this same question: How should school change so that it becomes a better place to study?


    Maybe you would like changes to the curriculum that would allow more flexibility and would have more time dedicated to extracurricular activities or classes of your own choosing. Or maybe you would transform the study spaces themselves to become more comfortable? But let us not only look through the eyes of the student – what would your teachers change, so they could teach better? Or your school’s headmaster, so they can make both you, the students, and his employees, happier?


    This is only a fraction of the ideas that you can work on until the 30th of September. And don’t forget – we don’t look for essays but for journalistic materials – reports, interviews, analyses… You needn’t write – if you prefer, make a podcast, a video or a photo essay.


    So, tell us how you imagine a better school and send us your materials at our editorial email address [email protected]. As always, we will publish all materials that abide by sCOOL Media’s terms after edits and will give prizes to the authors of the best entries.


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