CERN Creates a Black Hole That They Can Not Control

Check out this podcast by Zlatina from Yambol and turn your attention to the story about the black hole, created by CERN, and all the scientific details, that Zlatina have included. She did a very good job by citing scienstists which gives credibility to the report. The beginning of the podcast is also cathy and makes you go on listening.


By Zlatina Georgieva

High School of Mathematics “Atanas Radev”, Yambol


Listen to the podcast:


The script:

Good evening listeners. What we are talking about today is the peak of science in fields which have never been explored by human kind before. However, our biggest achievements became our biggest fears too fast and we are here today to give you the most accurate information on why and how did all this happen.


CERN – the abbreviation for European Organization for Nuclear Research set its journey in 1999, started work in 2008 and now, in 2019 it will be the reason for global destruction. For years, the organisation has been searching for a proof for a new theoretical concept – a new partical –called the Heggs Boson. Finding it and proving its existence was essential for physics as it would’ve been the explanation of what exactly mass is.


Twelve and a half thousand tons of machinery has been erected in order to hunt down
these tiny particles. CERN operates a complex of eight accelerators and two decelerators. The
Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the largest and most powerful particle accelerator in the world. 6
hundred million collisions will take place in the collider every second but it is estimated that only
1 in 10 thousand billion collisions produces a high enough energy collision in which a Higgs
boson could be created. That’s because it is only 1 in 10 thousand billion cases that two of the
six quarks which the protons are made of really collide head-on. Only then there is enough
energy set free in a small space time point to make it possible for a Higgs boson to be created.
Scientists did not only want to prove the existence of Higgs boson but were also interested
in finding other more ‘exotic particles’ such as microscopic black holes.


Scientists such as Fabiola Gienotti were saying that the ability to create black holes would
be an amazing discovery. ‘If other dimensions exist in our universe we will be able to create new
particles,’ she says ‘we will be able to create tiny black holes, which will disappear just a little
after they have been created’. There were physicists such as Otto Roessler that predicted that
black holes will not disappear and it was only a matter of time until a disaster happen.
Immense quantities of energy were concentrated in a tiny spot as they were 13.7 billion
years ago when the universe was created. Scientists did succeed in making a black hole and
they could not control it. The microscopic black hole dropped right through the particle
accelerators containment fields, gravity pulled the hole towards the center of the Earth where
the hole now is growing bigger by absorbing the atoms surrounding it. It is growing slowly now
but with every minute passed it is getting larger and larger at an ever increasing pace. A few
days are left until the hole will grow big enough and two jets from two opposite sides of the
Earth will blow up and prove us that there is a giant black hole eating our world from the inside
out. Scientists are searching for a way to prevent the disaster. Human kind is having less
chances for survival with every second wasted.


Authorities invoke people to calm down, presidents everywhere are making
announcements and the whole world is waiting for CERN to show any kind of responsibility as
no statement on the situation was given from the organization yet.
As for us, listeners, we were always here to serve you well and give you the most
important information even in the hardest times.