December’s topic: Future in past tense, past in the future


    The second wave of the pandemic might have shut us off back at home and got us in the virtual classrooms, but this ought not mean that our reporter’s work should suffer. On the contrary! With our next topic, the sCOOL Media’s editorial team would like to provoke you to dig into the forgotten stories of your own families. 


    Spending more time at home gives everybody a chance to reconnect with their relatives and close ones, and all of them are sources of stories. Maybe they are connected to the army years of your grandfather, who used to be a military pilot, or your granny’s job as an architect of an important building in the city. Or maybe it is their stories of travels during their youth years – all of them deserve to be written down and remembered for the future. 


    Sometimes, even simple elements of their daily lives can become the core element of a story, if they are put in the right context – where they went on holidays or how they spent their times at home, how they migrated from a village to the nearby town.


    Two examples: maybe you’ve heard the story of your grandparents going to the beach for two weeks to the pristine empty beaches of Sunny Beach in the 1960s? Tell us how tourism happened at the time, or how it changed so that it lead to the over-construction in Bulgaria’s resorts in the last couple of decades. Or, if your grandfather moved from his native village to work for a (then) newly opened factory in the nearby cities, let us hear his story in the context of mass migration from rural to urban areas after WWII and the industrialisation of the country. 


    The good journalists you are, we expect from you to not only find the interesting stories of your relatives, but also to tell us the “big picture” that surrounded it. What exactly would be your stories and what is the “big” picture depends on you. 


    We expect your materials on the topic of “Future in past tense, past in the future” in written, video, photo or audio format  by 15 January on our editorial mail [email protected]. The authors of the best materials will be awarded. 


    You can present your ideas and receive guidance and advice from our editorial team during our traditional monthly editorial meeting, which will take place on Tuesday, 8 December, at 18:30. In order to join us for the editorial meeting, register here until 12:00 on 8 December.


    We look forward to seeing you there!


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