Everyday heroes we need to know about (but we don’t)


    We often ask ourselves why do we only hear about the awesome stories and achievements of famous people – politicians, sportsman or artists – and rarely ever about the deeds of ordinary, everyday heroes that surround us. They could be our friends, classmates, colleagues or neighbours who do important things for their communities, but very few people have ever heard about them. Or they have achieved a lot at home or abroad, but the echo of these feats drowns quickly in the information noise in which we live.


    Well, now sCOOL Media wants to hear these stories told from you.


    In the last couple of months we had a couple of wonderful examples of such stories that reach us via different media outlets. Some of them – like that of Tatyana Vassileva, who dreams of becoming the first Bulgarian female astronaut – were even published on our own website. The famous journalistic website uspelite.bg publishes such stories every day and the Bulgarian section of Radio Free Europe has a special daily rubric dedicated to the heroes, whose stories are worthwhile knowing.


    That is why we, the sCOOL Media editors, now urge you to look around you and find the lesser known stories of people that deserve to be told. These could be the latest international champions in Mathematics, Physics or Astronomy. Alternatively, you can tell us about teachers who go beyond the limits of their job description in order to provide better quality education. Or why not tell us about volunteers who have taken on an important cause?  We want to see how the world looks in their eyes and to find out how did they become the people they are now, going against the tide and putting extra effort every day. We believe that these stories provide a much more valuable example than anything a TV star or an online “influencer” can give.


    Send us your everyday hero story by 30 November at our editorial email [email protected]. We expect your interviews and materials in all journalistic genres, from podcasts and video to interviews. Don’t wait for the deadline – send us your materials as soon as they are ready, so that we get to edit and publish the best of them quickly. And give prizes to their authors, of course.


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