February’s topic: I’ll love you to the end of the world


    “I’ll love you to the end of the world”, lovers often say to each other.

    Well, our sCOOL Media team decided to turn this famous phrase upside down, and now it sounds like this: “After the end of the world, it’s time for love!”

    To put it plainly, after receiving your wonderful articles, videos and podcasts about the much-anticipated new “end of the world” that was supposed to come (but didn’t) on February 1st, it’s time to prepare the first real issue of our nationwide online media platform by and for students. We’ve decided to dedicate it to the 14th of February, or St. Valentine’s Day.

    We are looking forward to receiving your reports, interviews and articles on the topic of “Love” by the end of the month at our editorial email address: [email protected] Don’t wait until the last minute! We are going to publish the stories on a rolling basis. The best stories will be awarded smart gadgets (stay tuned for more information).

    This time around, we are expecting our budding reporters to create their first real journalistic materials, presenting interesting stories linked to love in their schools, towns or cities. Potential topics may include:

    –          Couples in love who have something interesting to share about love (ex: a couple that’s spent their whole life together or a long-distance relationship)

    –          Love as a platonic feeling – the love we feel towards friends, family or pets;

    –          People who inspire love – poets, writers, painters or artists whose goal in life is to give shape to the feeling of love;

    –          For the more scientifically-inclined: the chemistry behind love, or the biological reasons we fall in love, or its place in history and in our societies;

    –          Loneliness

    … or whatever fact-based theme you come up with! Seek out interesting interviewees, think about cool journalistic angles and get started! We await your work across all journalistic genres and formats: videos, audio, photo essays, articles, reports, etc.

    The best materials and authors will win a prize and get published on sCOOL Media.

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    Photo: Pixabay.com


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