Good major, no job

25% of university graduates in Bulgaria can’t find a proper job after getting a degree – what consequences does this problem have and what do university students think about it? Check out what Nikol Ignatova from 91 German High School “Prof. K. Galabov”, Ralitsa Siderova from Foreign Language High School “Hristo Botev” and Sofia Sahibudin from 119 School in Sofia have found out on this topic. They participated in the media bootcamp in Blagoevgrad in July and the following podcast is their media project from the camp.


It is hard for someone who just got their degree to find a job, yet people encourage us to pay – and even sometimes end up with a loan that has to be payed for many years, for a degree that ends up to be useless. The topic “Good major, no job” was created with the idea that we wanted to see the opinions of university students on why they choose a certain major when they know they can’t pursue a career with it. Why did we decide to do a podcast about this topic? Because it concerns the younger generation – university students and students who are yet to become ones. If we can fix a problem like this we can change our future by making it a better one.