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    [dropcaps type=’normal’ font_size=’64’ color=” background_color=” border_color=”]H[/dropcaps]ey, you! Yes – you! You look like you have a story to tell. A great idea for a video report. The coolest photo essay everyone needs to see. A podcast with the smartest discussion we all need to hear. A masterfully written article to publish.


    Maybe you want to interview a pretty amazing person. Or describe your wildest trip to a little-known destination. How about promoting one of your classmates’ achievements or spreading the word about a problem your town is facing?


    Well, now you have the chance to do exactly that, using this sCOOL Media platform for student news reporting.


    Let the power of that inner journalist flow through you. Get that storytelling right. Make people care.


    You will get editorial guidance from professionals in the field. You will gain first-hand experience about how media works. You will learn the nuts and bolts of writing, photo-reporting, storytelling, shooting video and recording audio stories that thrill and excite. You will also become more informed about ethical reporting, news gathering, fact-checking and, of course, how to spot fake news.


    How to join our newsroom:

    If you would like to become our author, first you need to be a high school student (grades 8-12) and your materials should meet the following criteria:


    • You’ve come up with a good story
    • You’ve covered it in an original, eye-catching way
    • You’re ready to send us a clean and ready to publish copy over this online form
    • You always respect and follow the Code of Ethics of Bulgarian media


    Aaand… compete!

    sCOOL Media also dares you to challenge yourselves and your fellow student-reporters in a head-to-head race for Author of the Month and Material of the Month.


    Author of the Month


    If you like to become Author of the Month, you need to:


    • Publish regularly on the platform (at least two pieces published in a given month)
    • Produce publications in at least two formats (text, video, audio or photo)
    • Cover more than one topic in the same month or cover an original topic using two formats


    Material of the Month


    The best story on the most original topic covered in the most compelling way (which still sticks to all the Code of Ethics rules of Bulgarian media) gets this award. The winning stories will be judged by our editor in chief.


    Illustration: Teodor Lozanov 


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