June topic: Find the good news!

As some of you may already know, sCOOL Media’s editorial team and like-minded journalists from bigger media outlets have been going around schools across the country in the past few months. Our main goals have been two: to explain to teachers and students alike why it is so important for everyone to be media literate in the XXI century, but also to find out what do people (not) understand about the world of news.


Undoubtedly, the question that we were asked most frequently, has been “Why is there only violence and bad news in the media? Where are the good news?”


This question has no easy answer. And that is why we turn to you – the young hopes of sCOOL Media – for help. Let us celebrate the beginning of summer by finding out the good news around us!


Tell us about the greatest success stories of your schoolmates, friends or the people of your town that happened this school year. Maybe your school carried out a successful charity campaign. Or you coopted and achieved something noteworthy? We want to see/hear/read your stories of how the good triumphed over evil. Do not forget that we are seeking for real journalistic materials – with a story, authentic quotes and verified information…


You have time until the end of June to send us your reports, interviews and articles on the topic of “Looking for the good news” to our editorial email [email protected]. As always, the best authors will receive prizes – books and tablets – from our partners, Ciela publishing house and the IT distributing company Solytron.


Don’t wait for the final deadline and share with us the good news as soon as possible. The most original and interesting stories will be edited by members of our team and published on schoolmedia.com.


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