June’s Topic: Back in Business?


    “It’s the economy, stupid!” While life in Bulgaria has slowly started to return to its normal rhythm, the now infamous phrase from Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign has become timely again.


    The coronavirus reminded us in the most explicit way that taking care of people’s health and saving lives is the number one priority of every society. But along with the tragic loss of hundreds of thousands of human lives, millions of people lost their jobs and businesses shuttered because of the pandemic. Some economists and analysts warn the recovery of the global and local economies might take years. 


    Many companies – local and global, big and small – have been struggling to survive. There are, however, some silver linings that can come out of this struggle – some amazing new ideas, as well as remarkable examples of social responsibility and solidarity. For this reason, we call on you to tell their stories – stories about ideas, persistence, creativity and cause. 


    This month sCOOL Media is partnering with Junior Achievement Bulgaria, giving you a chance to cover  “Rising Stars”, a youth startup forum, which will be held online between June 8 and June 12. A record number of students from all around the country will present their startup ideas. So feel free to attend the online event and report on their original and timely ideas. Thus sCOOL Media will join a number of Bulgarian media, whose reporters will cover the event, but will be the only one, in which students write about students. 


    We have another surprise for you. All students who send their stories by June 22, will enter the competition to take part in sCOOLmedia’s very first Online Newsroom Challenge. The ones who have covered March and April’s and  May’s topics will also be eligible to apply for a five-day-long training program for high school students interested in journalism. You would have a chance to work with journalists and media experts to develop your own media projects. As part of the initiative participants would have to solve a specific media challenge with the help of experienced editors and prominent journalists. You  will learn how a real-life newsroom operates, take part in an editorial meeting, hone your reporting skills by doing actual journalism assignments. Needless to say, the best projects will be awarded! We also promise the program to be something to remember.  More about how to apply here (in Bulgarian). 


    Send your stories and interviews in the medium you choose – video, interview, article, photo report, etc., covering the topic: “Back to Business?” until the end of June to  [email protected]. Think about a photo or an illustration which we can run along with your story and check out its copyrights before you send it to us. The best pieces will receive awards!


    Join us for our online editorial meeting on Monday, June 8th, at 18.00. Our team of experienced journalists will help you polish your story ideas and address your questions. You will get the chance to get insights of how real life editorial planning works and receive feedback on your pitches. Please, register here (in Bulgarian).


    Looking forward to talking to you!


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