May’s topic: I am European

This year the month of may will pass under the banner of Europe. It begins with 9 May – Europe Day – a date dedicated to peace and unity on the continent and then it proceeds with the European Parliament elections that will take place on 26 May. The motto of the month for many events in Sofia and Brussels is “the choices we make in the name of our future”.


But are we really united in the European Union? Are European policies adhering to the ideals of united Europe? What do events such as Britain’s decision to leave the EU tell us and what are the reasons driving them?


It is in this month full of celebrations, holidays and key elections that we challenge you to think and explore the topic about the European Union from different angles. Think about the unity and disunity within the EU. About the benefits of membership and the duties coming with being a member. About how national and European identities clash and intertwine. Take these guiding lines only as ideas and let your imagination loose – we will accept all journalistic materials which focus on Europe and the European Union.


It is important, however, to keep track of the style you use: we are not looking for essays or an artistic style videos, but for materials that follow basic journalistic rules. This includes talking to sources, seeking all relevant viewpoints, presenting the underlying reasons behind events, as well as possible solutions. You can report events related to Europe or the European Elections in your town, or speak to your classmates who already have the right to vote (or will soon have it) about the upcoming elections. You can also try answering whether young people have any interest in politics and what would they like to see being done by European decision-makers.


We expect your materials in any journalistic genre – articles, reports, interviews, news video or podcast, photo story. Think about a photo or an illustration that can be published alongside your work, but bear in mind its copyrights before sending it to us.


We are looking forward to receiving your materials on the topic “I am European” by the end of May at our editorial email address [email protected]. Don’t wait for the deadline, because we need time to edit and publish the materials on time! The authors who have produced the best materials will be rewarded!


Our awards include amazing books from our partners, Ciela Publishing House, as well as a Lenovo Tab E7 tablet from Solytron Bulgaria Ltd. for the best material of the month.


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