May’s Topic: What’s Working

Fear, uncertainty, anxiety…Problems in all spheres of life – health, education, economy, culture. It seems that this is how the world looks during the coronavirus pandemic which turned people’s lives upside down overnight.


Now, more than ever it is worth reminding ourselves that every problem has a solution. Humanity has overcome many crises thanks to its capacity to adapt, to think rationally and to find creative solutions.


That’s why in May we decided to focus our topic around possible solutions of the problems that constantly occur around us. Why, according to various reliable studies, Germany seems to be successfully fighting COVID-19 and, more importantly, what does it do in a different and better way than the others? Why Finnish education ranks the best worldwide and could Bulgaria use Finnish model to improve its own school system? How do some Bulgarian schools handle the problem with school dropout and why they do better than others? How come that at a time when Bulgaria was paralyzed by fears of a migrant wave and whole towns were refusing to take in refugee families, one tiny school in the Ivanovo village successfully managed to accommodate kids from Bulgaria, Syria and Iraq in its classrooms?


Your task is not just to tell a positive story but to examine a problem and its possible solutions. You would need to tell us why certain approach works and how does it bring positive results, to present not only the positives, but also the challenges the response faces. Let’s be realistic – nothing is perfect…


Take a journalistic approach by talking to the protagonists of your stories and presenting factual data and evidence. You can choose a story originating in your school or town, or a problem with national, European or global resonance. Sometimes a creative solution to a tiny local problem could resolve challenges on a big scale. This is quite exciting, isn’t it?


Send us your stories and interviews in the medium you choose – video, interview, article, photo report, etc., covering the topic: “What’s Working” by the end of May at Think about a photo or an illustration which we can run along with your story and check out its copyrights before you send it to us. The best pieces will receive awards!


Join us for our first online editorial meeting on Monday, May 4th, at 18.00. Our team of experienced journalists will help you polish your story ideas and address your questions. You will get the chance to get insights of how real life editorial planning works and receive feedback on your pitches. Please, register here:


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