November’s topic: Let’s talk about… sex!


    “Bulgarian youth top European rankings on smoking, alcohol and early sex.” “Bulgaria is an EU leader in early abortions.” “Children give birth to children and leave them to the state.” Have you seen such news headlines? Certainly, you have. And maybe you are tired of them.


    Truth is, however, that these sombre titles reflect real statistical data speaking volumes about the (lack of) sexual culture among young Bulgarians – and, in fact, older alike. So why does the topic of sexual education cause so much mistrust when 76 percent of Bulgarians aged 15-49 say it is much needed, according to a 2019 study by the Bulgarian Fund for Women? Why do Bulgarian adolescents receive the least information and support about the complicated topic of intimacy by their parents, according to the World Health Organization? How is the theme of sexual maturation, love and sex part of the life of young Bulgarians and can they discuss it with the older generation in a calm, meaningful and useful manner?


    We leave the answers to these question to you. The topic of youth and sex is usually reserved to the old folks and the statistics mentioned above point at the fact that we are failing at discussing it. Nobody understands the interests and needs you have, as well as what you lack in information, understanding and support better than you, teenagers. The topic can be viewed from various angles – from sexual education, prevention of early pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and violence, through sexual maturation and sexual orientation, to the ways we express our thoughts on the topic, media and communication. Last, but not least – love.


    Discuss it with your schoolmates and friends, as well as with your teachers and psychologies, experts, organizations that work professionally in this field. Don’t forget health mediators, who support invaluably the poorest and most marginalized groups with critical access to knowledge and medical help when they need it. Check domestic and international reports on the topics and find out what other countries do about it. Don’t be afraid to tell real stories – our experienced editorial team is around and will help you do that in a way that won’t harm or embarrass your protagonists.


    We expect your reports, interviews and articles in written, video, photo or audio formats on the topic “Let’s talk about… sex!” until 1 December on our editorial mail [email protected]. The best materials will be awarded.


    You can present your ideas and receive guidance and advice from our editorial team during our traditional monthly editorial meeting, which will take place on Monday, 9 November, at 18:30. Join us and you will be in for a surprise, as Nikoleta Popkostadinova, the creator of Loveguide, a platform for sexual and health education for teenagers, will take part. She will share her invaluable experience on the topic, will give you guidance on covering the theme, and respond to your burning questions.


    In order to join us for the editorial meeting, register here until 12:00 on 9 November.


    We hope to see you there!


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