September’s topic: A different school year (extended deadline)

At the start of the new school year – a school year like no other, students won’t be welcomed by the regular ceremonial speeches of headmasters and officials. Instead, the latter would be drawing complicated plans of how to manage the educational process at a time of a pandemic. And the questions seem to be more than the answers.


How would classes take place? Are students going to attend them in person or would the whole process move online? Would the entire personnel and the students have to wear masks, where and when? What happens if somebody tests positive for Coronavirus? What happens to students who had just started their studies at a foreign university if their institution chooses to do distance learning?


These are just a small portion of the problems that the educational systems in Bulgaria and beyond would have to face in the coming months. They are a source of great distress for everybody involved in the process, including principals, teachers, students and their parents.


The topic could be tackled from a variety of angles – from the point of view of a family or a school, or from the macro level, as a challenge to national and global governance.


Talk to your school buddies, teachers and headmasters. Delve into the numerous ordinances of the Educational Ministry and, with the help of experts, analyse their effectiveness. Tell the stories of university students that entered a brave new world of higher education. Think about the health and psychological aspects of uncertainty and change. Look at examples of how things are done abroad. We are convinced that nobody could tell these stories better than you – the people directly affected by the pandemic hitting the educational sector.


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