Small steps for the sake of the environment

Rositsa Salmova (age 15) from the “Vasil Beron” Professional High School of Tourism in Veliko Turnovo talks to the 11th graders Gloria and Christiana Asenovi about what everyone of us could do in order to protect the environment. 


Nowadays very few people try to clean and protect the environment. Most people pollute it rather than keep it clean or at least throw away their waste not on the ground, but in containers. When we do not keep the environment clean, we can harm ourselves and the nature itself. We decided to talk to Gloria and Christiana Asenovi – students from the 11th grade at the “Vasil Beron” Professional High School of Tourism in Veliko Tarnovo about this problem. They will tell us how they would change themselves and others in order to keep nature pure and enjoyable for a walk.


What would you change in your everyday life in order to keep the environment clean?

We would use energy-saving light bulbs, we would plant more trees, we would clean the forests and meadows where people go to light a fire and do not take away their garbage after that.


You are schoolgirls – are you doing something at school to keep nature clean?

We went from school to plant trees in Sveta gora. We also do open lessons for the younger kids about how to preserve the nature.


What would you change in your city?

We would tell people how bad it is to throw their garbage everywhere on the street, not in the containers.


Do your fellow citizens protect the environment in our opinion?

Nowadays younger people do not think about protecting the environment.


What would you advise businesses that throw away food?

No food should be thrown away. Instead of throwing the food we think it can be given to homeless people and stray animals so that we could help them.


Do you recycle your waste and clean up after yourselves when you go for a picnic in the forest?

Yes, of course. There is nothing more important than to leave the place or nature as it was. We recycle also because this is important for our family.


What would you advise other people to do in order to protect the environment?

We think it will be much healthier – for oneself and for others, if we use bicycles instead of cars. They can also recycle their waste. It will be nice to plant more trees and not to devastate any. They can also stop the sink faucets while they brush their teeth.

It would be good if we all get together and clean all the garbage on the streets. There are many such initiatives, but very few people get involved. The generation after us has to see clean nature, clean streets and fresh air, not junk on the meadows, broken glass bottles and much more! If we all get together we’ll succeed!