Who wins the spring prizes on the “Health” topic

Dear readers and authors of sCOOL Media, hello! We hope you are enjoying the warm sunrays and the relaxation of the anti-pandemic measures that marked our lives in the past three months. If we had asked you at the end of February, probably very few of you would have been able to imagine how quickly we could fundamentally alter our daily routines – cutting down our social contacts, almost never leaving home while transforming it into an office, classroom or fitness… But all of this indeed happened for just a weekend at the start of March.


True to our optimistic nature, we from the editorial team of sCOOL Media are glad to announce the winners in our April competition on the topic of health.


Choosing this topic is no coincidence – not only the new Coronavirus posed a grave threat for our societies and health systems, but also the time spent in self-isolation challenged our bodies and minds. Yet, it seems that the time spent at home has not affected the enthusiasm and imagination of our authors, who sent us interesting materials connected both to the pandemic and to other important health issues.


This is who won the awards this month:


The psychological effects of staying indoors for long swaths of time are no less serious to the physical ones. This is why our first award – a book from our partners from the “Ciela” Publishing house – goes to Elena Zaharieva from the National Trade and Banking High School in Sofia for her interview with psychologist Elena Ilieva on how the lockdown affected teenagers’ psychological state (available in English).


The second article that will be awarded with a book is the commentary piece of Mariya Somleva from the Elin Pelin High School in Sofia for her critique of the notion of the “Bulgarian mentality” in the response to the Coronavirus crisis. This peculiar term carries self-diminutive connotation and only focuses on negative stories that it connects with the Bulgarian national psyche. As we take into account how hard it is even for seasoned authors to write a good, balanced commentary that does not only critique, but also provides a vision, we think that Mariya deserves fully the award for her piece (in Bulgarian).


The first place goes to Katerina Vassileva from the High School of Mathematics and Science “Acad. Sergey Korolyov” in Blagoevgrad for her article about another pandemic that crept in during the lockdown – that of domestic violence. She wins the big prize from our partners for her analysis “Sexual Education: the Cure against the Pandemic of Domestic Violence” for several reasons. Firstly, although this is the first time we publish her work, it was the most well-researched article we received this month. Secondly, she managed to talk to many interesting people and has provided a viable working model as a response to the problem she describes.


Congratulations to the winners and a big “thank you” to all our authors this month, for their extra efforts and the interesting stories you sent us. Keep on sending pieces you work on, including on this May’s topic dedicated on solutions that work.