Yoji and Dancho: Inteview about love

Shauna Ricketts’s students at Aleko Konstantinov Foreign Language School, Pravets, are participating for a second time at the sCOOL Media contests. This time with an interview by Nicola, who is talking to Joanna (Yoji) and Jordan (Dancho) about love, their relationship, common interests and plans. Yoji is 16 years old and Dancho is 18 years old. They are both from Teteven. 


How did your relationship begin?

Yoji: One day I was with friends on the market and occasionally saw him. I asked him about his name. I told him that my name is Joanna, and he said, “Johnna and Jordan sounds good!” It was love at first glance.


How long are you together?

Dancho: One year and two months.

Do you have common interests or hobbies?

Yoji: No, just because we do everything together.


Favorite movie?

Both: “The Purge”


Where would you like to go together?

Dancho: Hawaii.


Is the age difference a problem?

Yoji: Haha, there is no so big difference … Two years – it’s not a problem. It’s even better.


How did your parents react when you said you were together?

Yoji: Well, they were happy. My parents liked him. His like me too. Even last Saturday we gathered my parents and his for a dinner. It was a perfect evening.


In comparison with other people’s relationships nowadays, how do you perceive yours? Is it somewhat more special?

Yoji: We are the coolest couple. The others constantly quarrel, do not talk, they are not interested in each other – we do not! We are totally different.


When you have a problem how do you try to solve it?

Yoji: We cry, we are silent, but we stay close to one another and after a while we are over it. We just start talking about something.


Trifon Zarezan or Valentine’s Day?

Yoji: Trifon Zarezan.

Dancho: Trifon Zarezan. In my opinion, when you love someone, you should show them your love every single day – no only on Valentine’s day.


What is the most romantic thing your partner has done for you?

Yoji: This was the first kiss with him. One cold day I ran out of school and went to the coffee machine. He was hiding behind the machine. Dancho held a bouquet of flowers, a box of candy and told me he loved me.

Dancho: I do not remember other so romantic cases like this.


How do you imagine yourself in the future?

Yoji: We want to live in Sofia as soon as Dancho graduates hight school, but then I do not know. We both do not like this city. We’ll probably go abroad.


Do you want a child and if “Yes”, what do you want it to be?

Yoji: A bit strange question … I’m still 16, but we both know what we’d like it to be. One, two, three…

Both: A girl!